Bruce Springsteen: Born to Run (alternate version, 1975)

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Bruce Springsteen: Born to Run (alternate version, 1975)

Back in 1978 when he played the Roxy in LA for a three and half hour concert that was being broadcast live, Bruce Springsteen famously said, "all them bootleggers out there in radioland, roll your tapes".

Well, people did and those tapes became legendary (you can hear a good recording here) and Springsteen became one of the most bootlegged artists out there. Dozens and dozens, if not scores and hundreds of live shows are out there.

There are also a lot of studio outtakes and so on.

Given his show coming up I thought I would briefly post this, a studio version of Born to Run.

Everyone knows how much they struggled to get the right balance between bombast and energy on this song, and in this version you can hear Springsteen's vocals more subdued at the start (and double-tracked), but most interesting is the over-the-top string section which dominated the central passages. And the equally OTT backing vocals.

The sound is bit wobbly, but you'll get the idea.

If this had been released would have been a hit, or just another over-Spectorised song ?

You decide.

There is a lot of Springsteen at Elsewhere starting here

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Glimmer Twin - Mar 4, 2014

Interesting - it reminds me of the aural concrete mixer that Brendan O Brien seems have been striving for at the Production helm with the Boss. Notice the Glockenspiel is firmly in place .Thanks for posting Graham

Fraser Gardyne - Mar 4, 2014

Hi Graham, just as well they didn't go with that version! It lacks all the excitement and freshness of the published version and the live performance you linked to. An outstanding concert on Sunday night. Says a lot for staying in shape!

Geoff Lealand - Mar 4, 2014

Thanks, Graham. Enjoyed this. That LA concert was recorded the year before I saw Bruce in concert for the first time, in Cleveland OH in September 1979. I had been in the USA for three days and won a ticket via a contest run by a Toledo OH radio station. A memorable time. Wish now I had gone to the Auckland concert last weekend (I did have an offer)

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