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Loudon Wainwright III: A song for us music writers??

Yep, it is utterly subjective (so I can't be right and you can't be wrong, and vice-versa) but here are the best/most durable/most enjoyable/utterly disturbing 30 albums of the past year which I heard. Yes, I missed a few big ones that connected with you or other critics -- but these are the ones I have listened to repeatedly during the year . . . and fully expect to be listening to in years to come.

A few albums during the year were wonderful at the time but didn't last the distance. Others I didn't quite get but they kept nagging away and became hard to ignore.

This is, as you might expect, a diverse selection but there was no countback on gender, ethnicity, Kiwi content, global location or whether there were too many guitar bands etc.

It is what it is. 

I just went through everything I had reviewed this year and picked 30. (Actually I picked by instinct 31 . . . but Gurrumul didn't quite get in here!)

So here we go . . . in absolutely no particular order . . . just click HERE and have a look at the Elsewhere top 30 for 2011.

Your opinion of these under  . . . Post a Comment. Tell me how "wrong" was.

Enjoy or endure as you will.

Cheers, and thanks for taking the time to look at Elsewhere, the equal opportunity enjoyer.

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Zed - Dec 20, 2011

Zed's Top 10 releases of 2011
(Montana Public Radio)

1. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins, DIAMOND MINE (Domino Recording)
2. PJ Harvey, LET ENGLAND SHAKE (Vagrant Records)
3. The Roots, UNDUN (Def Jam)
4. Anna Calvi, ANNA CALVI (Domino Recording)
5. Trombone Shorty, FOR TRUE (Verve Music)
6. The Black Keys, EL CAMINO (Nonesuch Records)
7. Atmosphere, THE FAMILY SIGN (Rhymesayers)
8. Bill Callahan, APOCALYPSE (Drag City)
9. The Kills, BLOOD PRESSURE (Domino Recording)
10. Tom Waits, BAD AS ME (ANTI-)

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