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Favourite Five Recently Reviewed CDs

Five of the best albums from the recent postings at New Music From Elsewhere. Music too good to let slide into the archives. The Elsewhere place if you are looking for a quick fix of great and interesting albums.

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Various Artists: XL Recordings, Pay Close Attention (XL)

Various Artists: XL Recordings, Pay Close Attention (XL)

Elsewhere rarely ventures towards compilations from record labels but this double CD (available on four album vinyl here) is so outstanding we think we should draw it you attention as both a sampler and a standalone collection of great songs from important artists in the 25 year history of this London-based indie labe. It's quite some journey from the Prodigy's Firestarter and Peaches' Fuck... more >>

Sea Within a Sea

19 Aug 2014

Glen Moffatt: Superheroes and Scary Things (SDL)

Glen Moffatt: Superheroes and Scary Things (SDL)

Further proof that we export real talent. A little over a decade ago country-rock singer-songwriter Glen Moffatt quit New Zealand to base himself in Queensland, leaving behind three fine albums and a nomination in the songwriter of the year category. He immediately picked up good notices and awards in Queensland, but we haven't heard much from him in recent years. This album however --... more >>

She's Not a Honky Tonk Woman

13 Aug 2014

Fu Manchu: Gigantoid (At the Dojo/Southbound)

Fu Manchu: Gigantoid (At the Dojo/Southbound)

Because Brant Bjork played with them and they're part of the Kyuss/Clutch/Monster Magnet cabal, this Southern California hard rock-stoner band has often been mentioned in dispatches but rarely made an impact here. That's surprising, given they should appeal to graybeards who loved the feedback rock of Sixties legends Blue Cheer and Australia's Tumbleweed as much as recent QTSA and... more >>

The Last Question

11 Aug 2014

The Antlers: Familiars  (Inertia)

The Antlers: Familiars (Inertia)

Peter Silberman, the mainman behind and up-front of New York's Antlers, has been making steady and stealthy moves towards greater acclaim with a series of lovely and sometimes pained albums which have increasingly become more musically complex. They've also managed to retain a sense of the hurting heart within the orchestration. Their 2010 album Hospice was a 10-song cycle about... more >>


28 Jul 2014

Steve Gunn and Mike Cooper: Cantos de Lisboa (FRKWYS)

Steve Gunn and Mike Cooper: Cantos de Lisboa (FRKWYS)

New York singer/guitarist Steve Gunn (often in Kurt Vile's touring band) has appeared at Elsewhere previously with his highly recommended Time Off album of last year, but British singer/guitarist/electronic experimenter Mike Cooper --a few decades Gunn's senior -- was, until recently (see below), a name new to us. But if experimental acoustic guitar duets with sometime vocals, some strange... more >>

Song for Charlie

14 Jul 2014