Favourite Five Recently Reviewed CDs

Five of the best albums from the recent postings at New Music From Elsewhere. Music too good to let slide into the archives. The Elsewhere place if you are looking for a quick fix of great and interesting albums.

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Eberhard Weber; Encore (ECM/Ode)

28 Aug 2015

Unusually for an ECM album, this disc comes with liner notes in the form of an interview with Eberhard Weber, the bassist, composer, keyboard player and long-standing artist on the label. The album finds him reunited with flugel player Ack van Rooyen who was on his debut album The Colours of Chloe in '73 and here Weber comments that now maybe van Rooyen is playing on his last album. He says... > Read more


Mem Nahadr: Femme Fractale (Commercial Free Dread)

24 Aug 2015

Just as opera has changed -- or at least some of its creators like John Adams, Philip Glass and others who have kept up with contemporary politics and social change -- so has art music, as academics like to call it. It has shifted from the sometimes rare air of the recital hall into clubs and bars. Mem Nahadr  -- a black albino once from Washington with a vocal range which sounds... > Read more


Banditos: Banditos (Bloodshot/Southbound)

24 Aug 2015

They might be based in Nashville but this hairy, post-punk six-piece from Alabama prove you can take bar-bands out of their natural home but they'll always be back-sliders. With electric guitars, two gutsy singers (male and female), flat-tack banjo and a sawdust floor attitude, the appropriately named Banditos put their fingers in the wall socket for most of the 12 originals on this... > Read more

Old Ways

Seckou Keita: 22 Strings (MWLDAN/Ode)

17 Aug 2015    1

The title of this exceptional album by the gifted kora player Seckou Keita refers to the fact that the 21-string kora originally had one extra string  . . . but that was removed centuries ago out of respect when the griot and kora master Jali Mady died. Here Keita -- who has clearly earned the right, his other albums have been wonderful -- returns to the original instrument for these... > Read more

If Only I Knew

Mbongwana Star: From Kinshasa (World Circuit)

27 Jul 2015

Just as Memphis, Liverpool, Jamaica, Iceland and Sweden were not in the sightlines of pop music before great artists emerged from there, it's a fair bet 10 years ago no one would have put money on Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Then the Congotronics collections introduced us to the likes of Konono No1, Kisanzi Congo and others working with cheap electronic equipment and... > Read more