Favourite Five Recently Reviewed CDs

Five of the best albums from the recent postings at New Music From Elsewhere. Music too good to let slide into the archives. The Elsewhere place if you are looking for a quick fix of great and interesting albums.

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Dudley Benson: Deforestation (Golden Retriever)

17 Nov 2014

Dudley Benson – who recently received a $25,000 New Generation Artist award from Westpac – has a small, and some might say, perfectly formed catalogue. But it is small. By my reckoning there have been just a couple of EPs (see here and here). And just two albums (this and this), some of which included EP material. Then there was the live album... > Read more

Pipiwharauroa (Iso12 remix

Ry Cooder: Soundtracks (Warners)

10 Nov 2014    1

A couple of years ago when Ry Cooder was coming to New Zealand with the charming Nick Lowe, Elsewhere did an interview with him. It didn't go well. Actually, that's not entirely true. It didn't go well until – after some cursory answers to what I thought were decent questions – I realised here was man who needed to be provoked. If you look at that... > Read more

Goose and Lucky

French for Rabbits: Spirits (Lefse)

31 Oct 2014

This dreamscape debut album opens with such an elegantly simple guitar and piano part that it's hard not to be quickly seduced, and when vocalist Brooke Singer wafts in there is a lovely weightlessness at work above the undercurrents of drums and cymbal splashes. It sounds tidal and elemental. From their homebase at Waikuku Beach in New Zealand's South Island the duo of Singer and John... > Read more


Scott Walker + Sun O))): Soused (4AD)

27 Oct 2014

Scott Walker's setting a breathless pace these days: it was usually a decade between albums but after The Drift (06) just six years before Bish Bosch and now only two years since that typically demanding, commanding art music. For newcomers, London-based American-born Walker was the romantically brooding baritone on Walker Brothers pop hits in the Sixties, moved towards European... > Read more


Electric Wire Hustle: Love Can Prevail (Every Waking Hour)

15 Oct 2014

Last month this album -- EWH down now from a trio to Mara TK and David "Taay Ninh" Wright -- got a very nice notice in the New York Times, noting their "knotty, disorienting studio fabrications, surrounding hand-played R&B" are "descendants of [Marvin Gaye's] What’s Going On". True, inasmuch as problems with love and God become intertwined... > Read more

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