About Graham Reid

Graham Reid was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and educated in New Zealand.

He is a graduate of Auckland University with a catch-all degree of papers in Chinese Philosophy, Italian (language, film and literature), Art History, English and American literature, and the sciences.

In the early Eighties he founded and edited his own magazine ("Passages ... a magazine of Jazz and Elsewhere"), frequently presented radio programmes, and was for five years the New Zealand correspondent for America's Billboard magazine.

As a freelance writer -- while teaching English and Art History to scholarship level -- he had feature articles and short stories published in Metro, and wrote on the arts for the Listener.

Most notably he was a senior journalist at the New Zealand Herald for 17 years from the late Eighties during which time he covered international politics, popular culture (he was the rock music writer/critic), the fine arts and also wrote satirical columns as well as political commentary.

In the late Eighties he was on the steering committee which brought the first Womad festival to New Zealand. 

Because of his wide personal interests and his ability to file stories on everything from international politics to the arts and pop culture (as well as writing restaurant, film, book and music reviews) Graham was described by the Herald's editor-in-chief Gavin Ellis as a "true renaissance man".

large_9781869417093Graham has also written on architecture and design, has designed book and album covers, and worked extensively in presenting radio programmes.

In 2003 he won the prestigious Media Peace Award for his articles on the volatile politics of the Solomon Islands where he spent two weeks. He has travelled extensively through Europe, Asia and the United States for both work and pleasure.

He left the New Zealand Herald in 2004 to pursue freelance opportunities and to travel more.

In 2005 Graham wrote a book of travel stories published by Random House, Postcards from Elsewhere which won the Whitcoulls Travel Book of the Year award in 2006.

In addition to freelance writing, lecturing in journalism and music, and speaking engagements, he also contributed to the highly regarded and award-winning website www.publicaddress.net as well as a number of international travel websites.

51ZF_KrA_TLHis arts, music and travel writing has appeared in The Listener, the Herald, Art News, Idealog, Life and Leisure, Weekend magazine, the Herald on Sunday, Real Groove, Let's Travel, Stack and elsewhere. Recent work also appeared in The Australian.

In mid 2009 Graham published a second travel book, The Idiot Boy Who Flew through Public Address Books which won the Reader's Choice prize at the 2010 Cathay Pacific travel writing awards.

The book has subsequently sold out after three re-prints. Graham has taken to posting the stories at Travels in Elsewhere to share them with readers. 

Graham is an experienced public speaker who is frequently interviewed on radio, television and in print about media, music, travel and the arts.

He had a weekly radio programme Sidestreets on Kiwi FM as well as continuing interview slots on Radio New Zealand's Concert programme and was a regular guest on Karyn Hay's programme on Radio Live until she left the station in 2017.

He has mentored a number of writers (fiction and non-fiction) and has been a regular guest lecturer at MAINZ in Auckland, has written numerous release-sheet biographies for New Zealand musicians, and judged numerous music and journalism awards. 

volume_media_edm_800x500pxSince 2009 he has been a lecturer in contemporary music, songwriting analysis, New Zealand music and New Zealand Music Industry Studies at the University of Auckland in the School of Music.

In 2014 he was involved in the academic panel tasked with restructuring of the University of Canterbury's music department degree programme in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquakes.

In early 2015 he was contracted to be the content advisor for a major music project at the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

That award-winning and exceptionally popular exhibition -- Volume: Making Music in Aotearoa -- ran for more than six months from October 2016 and was the first major overview of New Zealand popular music to mounted in the country. Graham's role was to write the foundation document of the content to be included (artists, narratives, genres) and also to advise on images, video and musical content, and to fact check labels and content.

He undertook this major research and advisory project in addition to his lecturing, radio and writing commitments.

For three and half years from 2013, in addition to his academic and writing commitments, he was also a care-giver for the New Zealand musician Chris Knox following Chris' stroke in 2009. 

As of 2018, he continues to lecture at the University of Auckland in the School of Music, be on music advisory panels and write music-arts-travel features for various print and on-line outlets.

His wide-ranging musical and intellectual interests are represented, in part, at www.elsewhere.co.nz



Finalist, Qantas Media Awards (all round creative endeavour, newspaper)


Finalist, Qantas Media Awards (all round excellence in arts writing, newspaper)


Asia 2000 Media Travel Award (for travel in Japan)


Finalist, Qantas Media Awards (best arts feature, newspaper)


Finalist, New Zealand Travel Writer of the Year (best article about the travel industry)


Asia 2000 Media Travel Award (for travel in Taiwan)


Winner, Qantas Media Awards (best tourism and travel story, newspaper)

Finalist, Qantas Media Awards (best govt, diplomacy and foreign affairs story, newspaper)

Finalist, Qantas Media Awards (best arts story, newspaper)


Premier Award, Media Peace Awards (print medium)

Winner, Qantas Media Awards (best arts column, newspaper)

Finalist, Qantas Media Awards (best arts feature, newspaper)

Winner, Cathay Pacific Travel Media Awards (newspaper)

Finalist, Cathay Pacific Travel Media Awards (newspaper)


Winner, Cathay Pacific Travel Media Awards (newspaper)

Finalist, Cathay Pacific Travel Media Awards (magazine)

Runner-Up Cathay Pacific Travel Media Awards (travel writer of the year)


Finalist, Cathay Pacific Travel Media Awards (best article about a journey)


Winner, Whitcoulls TravCom travel book of the year (Postcards From Elsewhere)


Recipient of international journalist's grant by Seoul Metropolitan Government for travel to Korea.


Winner, Cathay Pacific Travel Media Awards (newspaper)


Winner, Whitcoulls Readers Choice award for The Idiot Boy Who Flew at Cathay Pacific Travel Media awards

Winner, best story about Britain or Ireland, Cathay Pacific Travel Media Awards 

In 2011 Graham ceased to enter journalism and travel writing awards to concentrate on academic work and other projects.

He continues to travel however and those stories have appeared in various mainstream magazines and newspapers, and at Elsewhere