Rory Block: Shake 'Em on Down (Stony Plain)

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Rory Block: Mississippi Man
Rory Block: Shake 'Em on Down (Stony Plain)

Singer-guitarist Rory Block learned directly from Mississippi John Hurt, Son House, Bukka White and others and here – through originals and retooled covers – acknowledges the great innovator Mississippi Fred McDowell who (despite singing I Do Not Play No Rock'n'Roll) influenced blues-rock musicians like the young Stones, and tutored Bonnie Raitt.

Block met him at a formative stage in her life so this comes from an honest place.

Get past the lack of grit in her voice in places, concentrate on her country-blues and slide guitar, and this is a fine tribute with extensive, thoughtful liner notes.

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Clive - Aug 9, 2011

Good Work Graham bringing everyones attention to Rory.She is the real deal,I have all of her work.I think she more than just met Fred McDowell,after she ran away from home at the age of 15 in 1965 and ended up in LA.I am waiting for Rory's bio which is on its way from the States,so this should reveal more !.She has also done tribute records for Sun House who she knew and Robert Johnson who idolised Sun HouseShe recently toured with the Johnson family doing Gospel and Delta Blies.One of Rory's great mates is Bonnie Rait and the hung around with the same old black blues guys.Check out Bonnies "The Lost Broadcast-Philadelphia 1972' which has just surfaced,brilliant accoustic blues

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