The J Geils Band: No Anchovies, Please (1980)

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The J Geils Band: No Anchovies, Please (1980)

The J Geils Band out of Massachusetts is best known for their terrific single Angel in a Centrefold (aw, c'mon, it's great, in a rock'n'roll Benny Hill way . . . see clip below) and Freeze Frame -- and in this country probably not a lot else.

No one I know has ever had a J Geils Band album -- or has admitted to as much.

I do. Just the one.

It is Love Stinks (from the year before the Freeze Frame album which sprung those two hits) but I doubt I have ever played it more than twice -- except for this one track which my kids used to think hilarious. And it is kinda funny.

Aside from the Zappa-influence and the surreal narrative, what is interesting is how much time they must have spent on the excellent production for what is essentially a throwaway.

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Relic - May 21, 2010

‘coulda been a contender’ artists dominate my record collection for the very good reason that I play em often!, De Ville, War, South Side, Peter Wolf, Eno, Keith Richards-“Talk is cheap”, King Tubby,. Be honest what do you play most when the ‘now factor’ has faded?
Anyway I have “J Geils Greatest Hits”, and got ”Love Stinks” on release, the rest is Peter Wolf solo. “Sleepless” prob most well known with Mick and Keith from Stones on board.
Classic Peter pan rocker, slim, womaniser, dogmatically aligned to a a hi energy hybrid R&B sound with a vein of sincerity that sticks with you.

Clive - May 24, 2010

Sure do have some JJ Geils. The first cd should be checked out, great blues with magic dick on harp. This band is mentioned in Bill Wymans Blues Odyssey. They also toured with the stones in the seventies. Also in my collect is Blow Your Face Out and Full House, both rocking bluesy live albums. Now march fwd some 30 odd years and you have Peter Wolf sublime on Midnite Souvenirs, Sleepless and Fools Parade. I jumped the pop song cds. You are on to it relic, Talk is Cheap is classic, far more sexy than any stones record and i should know as i have them all.
Hey there is at the moment some good new factor stuff, Band of Horses, The National, Fleet Foxes which I think will hold out over time.

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