British Sea Power: Do You Like Rock Music? (Rough Trade)

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British Sea Power: No Lucifer
British Sea Power: Do You Like Rock Music? (Rough Trade)

The title of this glisteningly melodic album is doubtless rhetorical -- but these guys also seem to like Brian Wilson's ambitious pop symphonies, ambient music in the manner of Brian Eno, Paul McCartney's better pop ballads, Anglofolk, having mates hauled in to act as a choir, strings . . .

So yes, they like rock music -- but aren't straitjacketed by it.

They have a way of shifting from mellow low gear into open-hearted and cinematic guitar landscapes with a dramatic flourish, and singer Yan (Scott Wilkinson) can deliver with an almost unbearably light soulful yearning. Or rock out.

BSP's sound also has reference points in Echo and the Bunnymen, Teardrop Explodes and the like, but they seem to veer away when anything approaching a radio-friendly single looms. I like that about them, a Britpop band that doesn't much care for pop as it were.

There is a lot to listen for on this diverse, never demanding and always rewarding album -- and the considerable liner notes will keep you occupied for a while too.

I don't imagine too many people will discover this one or that it be widely reviewed -- there are a lot of higher profile British bands out there now -- but if you heard their first two albums you'll need no second invitation.

And I'd never deny a band that can deliver as deliciously on ballads as these people do.

A mulitple play album for some time to come.

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Paul - Dec 21, 2008

British Sea Power rock! another of those totally off the radar bands from the UK who have been doing seriously cool music for years (Open Season, Decline of British Sea Power). This album delivers a bundle of great tracks, dive in

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