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Bonnie Raitt: Slipstream (Proper)

Bonnie Raitt: You Can't Fail Me
Bonnie Raitt: Slipstream (Proper)

Everyone's favourite slide-playing redhead hasn't had an album since 2005, but from the opener here – a restlessly funky dump on proud snobs who Used to Rule the World – show she's wasting no time staking her claim again.

Produced in part by Joe Henry – whose co-write with Loudon Wainwright You Can't Fail Me Now sounds tailor-made and a yearning partner to her wonderful I Can't Make You Love Me from two decades ago – and with a cracking band, Raitt jumps easily from searing blues (Down to You, Ain't Gonna Let You Go) to cooking rock (Split Decision), from Gerry Rafferty's Right Down the Line (given a reggae blues-rock feel) to deeply understood ballads (guitarist Al Anderson and Bonnie Bishop's song of loss and regret Not Cause I Wanted To).

Marriage Made in Hollywood about a famous OD victim is sassy, pointed and sadly true at the same time (“we all love tragedy . . all you need to be a star is die in public view”), but she really gets under the skin of two Dylan songs from his Time Out of Mind album; Million Miles (bluesy and hurt) and Standing in the Doorway (spacious, stately, accepting the loss of love but full of need).

She's been a long time gone, but she's back.

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buck nelson - Apr 17, 2012

Nice work! I love it when my eyes and ears smile. I photograph a lot of blues, appreciate people that appreciate, if I have any images you'd be able to use let me know. blessens in blues buck

Clive - May 30, 2012

One of her best CDS yet.Blues ,funk .roots and soul.She gets better and better with age,not sure I am and we are both the same age .You need this one in your collection along with some of her best mates music of Rory Block and Maria Muldaur

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