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Inc: No World (4AD)

Inc: Desert Rose
Inc: No World (4AD)

If this low lights, gentle, breathy and soul-infused r'n'b album weren't all done by this US duo of Andrew and Daniel Aged you'd imagine it could be an especially horizontal Back to MIne/Late Night Tales collection . . . and you suspect any number of these tracks might end up on in years to come.

There were brief moments in the Bee Gees career when -- pre-Night Fever, sans falsetto, then again around Spirits Having Flown  - they managed music as comfortably between genres as this: the soundtrack to the horizontal dance or the chill-out room. New Zealand's Grace also had something of this ineffibly cool quality too.

Not a lot to say about this immerse-yourself album other than when it fails to grip that is exactly its point. NOt ambient though, just a slo-mo delight of barely-there melodies exquisitily delivered.

Won't grab you first time through but repeat plays not only bring out its charms but act like an aural massage.


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