Elsewhere Art . . . free jazz #2

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Elsewhere Art . . . free jazz #2

This deliberately fractured and crowded collage was created to accompany a piece entitled 10 Rare Free Jazz Albums I'm Proud To Own, one my many recent columns where I look at what is on the shelves and -- sometimes with shame -- decide to write about them as a block.

And try to explain why I have them, and sometimes why I shouldn't. 

As I recall most of the rare free jazz albums came from Real Groovy way back when they were located in Mt Eden (maybe in the Seventies) and I discovered dozens of these amazing, black, political and out-there albums from the US. Clearly someone -- or some deceased estate -- was getting rid of a treasure trove and I suspect the Groovy people really didn't know there value.

Or at least their subsequent value because so few have ever been reissued or are on digital platfowms.

Anyway, the music was jagged and angular, there were great names among them and . . .

So this which used some images from an album cover by the People's Republic.


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