Elsewhere Art . . . Judas

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Elsewhere Art . . . Judas

This is a very old collage -- from the late Eighties at a guess. I found it after the 2023 Auckland Anniversary Weekend flooding swept through my office which meant I had to clear out -- and unfortunately dump -- many decades worth of collected music, books, DVDs, journals and memorabilia.

And along the way as I waded through soggy albums, cardboard boxes, ruined family photos and saturated magazines I would come upon things I had almost forgotten about.

Like this frivolous thing which I did only to amuse myself.

I had found a lovely old book of Soviet era photographs and among them was the figure of a man pointing angrily. I figured he might have been the guy who yelled out "Judas" at the Bob Dylan at a 1966 show in Manchester when Dylan played electric guitar.

For decades many believed the incident happened at the Royal Albert Hall (in fact in Dylan's Bootleg Series Vol 4 the recording in Manchester was billed being from the RAH in London) but either way for this art I thought, let's recreate the myth and locate "Judas" at the Royal Albert Hall.

Not with Dylan though, but Stalin . . . who had betrayed the project of Marxism to become one of the greatest tyrants in history.

Then with that in mind it was just a matter of adding other elements (I can't remember why McCartney was there) to make it even more weird. Or post-modern, if you will.

I think the wash of recent flood water has added an extra dimension to it.

The full image is below. 

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