Elsewhere Art . . . David Sanborn

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Elsewhere Art . . .  David Sanborn

For quite a while, saxophonist David Sanborn was quite a name in jazz and rock.

When I interviewed him in the early 1990s I noted the number of Grammys he'd won but also his guest spots on Bowie's Young Americans, the Stones' Undercover album, Stevie Wonder's Talking Book and work with Roger Waters, Steely Dan, John Scofield . . .

There were others namechecked in that interview and he was touring ex-MIles Davis guitarist Roben Ford.

He had also hosted an innovative TV series Night Music which featured the likes of Leonard Cohen, Sonny Rollins, Al Green, the Residents, Nice Cave, Boots Collins and Pat Methey . . . sometimes on the same show.

But he was a jazz guy and so when it came to illustrating an article (it might have been that but I doubt it), I thought. 'why not place him between David Bowie and Miles Davis?' because he walked between those two worlds, and was a big fan and champion of both.

I went for the visual recognition factor of Bowie and Miles, because Sanborn himself had very little. 

David Sanborn is 78 at the time of this writing and we don't hear about him much anymore, some put him in the "smooth jazz" category, and he certainly made that kind of music also. But he was always more than a mere category.

So check out that interview.

Impressive guy. 


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