Elsewhere Art . . . Fatima al Qadiri

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Elsewhere Art . . . Fatima al Qadiri

When I first heard Fatima al Qadiri in 2017 I was thinking of how the music industry (or at least the PR arm of it) tries to get cut-through into the increasingly short-term atention span of the media ... and maybe by extension the people who actually might listen and buy the "product".

Especially in the category of "world music". 

This woman -- born in Senegal, raised in Kuwait, graduating in NYC as a multi-media arts practioner and more after that -- struck me as way, way beyond any convenient pigeon-holing.

And she drew her ideas from UK grime and China and even further afield.

So, go figure!

Because there was such a "chinoiserie" element to the album I was writing about I defaulted to that. My art tried to reflect art Vs commodification, the traditional Vs the industrial with reference to China in the 21st century.

I called her album "post-world music". 

My article about all of that input/output, questioning of categories (I start with New Zealand's Aaradhna before probing world music) and marketing etc is here.


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