Eric Bibb: Diamond Days (Telarc/Elite)

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Eric Bibb: Diamond Days
Eric Bibb: Diamond Days (Telarc/Elite)

Bibb is one of that new generation of bluesmen who sounds utterly authentic: this despite Bibb growing up in New York, having John Lewis of the Modern Jazz Quartet as an uncle, and studying psychology at Columbia University.

But in his late teens -- he's now 55 -- he took off to Europe with his guitar, studied the blues and hooked up with international musicians in the burgeoning world music scene, and started releasing albums which have been consistently picking up blues and folk awards.

This intimate album with Bibb on 12-string acoustic and using a small but instrumentally diverse band (organ, harmonica, bottle neck guitar, upright bass) opens and closes with the sound of a needle on vinyl, and between times he sings original country blues and gospel-tinged blues, Dylan's Buckets of Rain and the traditional Worried Man Blues.

Everywhere he sounds like he is right there on your back porch. And is very welcome guest.

The album comes with a short film about Bibb, An Afternoon in Paris.

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CrystalDay - Jan 26, 2009

In november 2008, I stepped out of the box and did something totally different than I ever had in my entire life. I had just lost everything and everyone important to me and I was scared to venture out. But I did. In doing so, I met new people very different from me and reached out into the unknown. It was during this time that I was introduced to Eric Bibb. His music was playing in the background and the sound of his voice and music bullied itself to the forefront of my mind and spirit as my spirit responded to the spirit
innate within the vibrations of his music. As such, I started really hearing the lyrics at which time I begin to cry as I allowed my spirit to be cleansed and set free. "The Candle is Worth the Light" was my answer to the dilemna I was facing and A Ship of Love is where I begin to love myself. Every song sung helped me to keep peace within. "Stickin To You" was and is my soul's lullaby. I could not sleep before then. Eric's voice is unique and his messages were so in touch with the season of my life that I was going through. I can't cut him lose and I have begun to buy all of his albums as there is a message in his music written through him by the Universe. Although written years ago, his song
"Voices of Victory" should be the theme song for Obama's mission statement and Inaugeral Address. For sure this is the message that must become the truth that we live in the 21st Century. "Voices of Victory" was written for such a time as this. Clearly Eric Bibb is in touch with his spirit and his music is his ministry. I have certainly received answers from the Universe through his music. I can't wait for him to return to the USA as I have already purchased my tickets for his appearances in 2009. Everyone needs to here him. All that I can say is "Where Have You Been All of My Life"? Your albums have made great gifts as the greatest gift in the world is the gift of love. I can think of no better gift than to present others with gifts that will uplift their heart, mind, and soul. His music is for for the soul.

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