I WAS A RABBIT: Photography of Zwines & the Auckland punk scene, AK 78/79

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I Am a Rabbit, by Proud Scum
I WAS A RABBIT: Photography of Zwines & the Auckland punk scene, AK 78/79

Those of us who were there -- and Elsewhere freely admits to only having been there four times -- will attest that Zwines club in Auckland was where the NZ punk live scene first happened.

By chance or coincidence Zwines was in the same old brick heritage building which housed the rebellious Beat-era pop-rock bands of the Sixties such as Larry's Rebels. The building which is now a bar-cum-something called the Bluestone Room was, in the late Sixties, home to what became the 1480 Village (named after Radio Hauraki's wavelength) but had already been a teenage club under other names for a few years before that.

Those who want a whiff of punk's history in Zwine's however are directed to a photographic exhibition in the building (details below, opens October  12). 

The punk exhibition project will feature large-scale digital prints on vinyl. The Artwork will be displayed on the street outside the Bluestone Room.

It offers a reflection of the history of Auckland’s nightlife, DIY fashion, colour, energy and -- warning 21st century artspeak -- "creative practices" of the punk era.

Curated by Simon Grigg, the exhibition shows a selection of the best photographs of the club from 1978.

Punk has been codified and curated, this exhibition part of Artweek Auckland and Changing Lanes, a collaborative project between Artweek Auckland, Auckland Council Design Office and Heart of the City . . .

Oh well.

But every picture tells a story . . .

Here are some of those pictures at an exhibition (in-joke for prog-rock people) by photographer Jeremy Temper.





check it out . . .

"to see ourselves as others see us"?



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