Wailing Urei: Is It Me? (bandcamp)

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Wailing Urei: Is It Me? (bandcamp)
As regular readers of Elsewhere know, we find our music where we will – deep trawl, accident, suggestions, record company emails, pals – but obviously not everything takes our attention.

But something about a modest email from “London born and raised Kyle Newman” -- his politeness possibly? – sent us to a bandcamp link and . . .

Here we are.

Is It Me? seems to be his second full-length release as Wailing Urei since 2018 and was all recorded in his London flat during lockdown. There was post-production and mixing by Markus “LuZonic” Luts from Germany.

None of which means much at this far-flung end of the planet. Heard of London, but not Urei or LuZonic, right?

However Newman/Urei's throbbing, whispery soundscapes filled our listening space with sounds which were not as foreboding as they initially seemed.

Yep, tracks titled Drone, Colour of Corruption, Ash and Barcodes on a Flickering Screen might suggest otherwise.

But – while these these sonic interior worlds are shrouded in shadow -- lurking behind their veil are suggestions of songs (Ash, Trilate) which only emerge on repeat listenings.

Barcodes is like a more melodic edition of Eno-cum-Vangelis' Bladerunner.

These days few people give over time to music beyond their initial impression, but we'd recommend just a bit more time spent-here: start with the broody Ash and transition into the monochromatic but ascending ambience of Howling.

Dive when you dare into the techno-grit of Future: “A figure stands on the horizon, enveloped in the void. As they slowly saunter towards me I can hear the crack of bones left over from the trial of blood”  . . . and after that you are on your own.

Frankly, every now and again an album cover seduces us (we are shallow in that regard) and this one by Clara 'clariexd” Daly seemed to capture the 21st century screen and real life distortion'n'glitches of this album perfectly.

Wailing Urei offers sound and vision, not always comfortable . . . but more than you might expect.


You can hear and buy this album at bandcamp here

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