BEST OF ELSEWHERE 2008: Duffy: Rockferry (Rough Trade)

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Duffy: Serious
BEST OF ELSEWHERE 2008: Duffy: Rockferry (Rough Trade)

Funny how the UK rock press works, innit?

Just a month or so ago this soulful, young Welsh singer who has a mainline to Dionne Warwick, Spector girl groups and Motown was being hailed as the next big thing/one to watch etc.

Her record company had slipped out an advance sampler CD/7 inch which was so terrific it was posted here at Elsewhere about three months back as a very early heads-up.

Now of course with the album's release the UK press as starting the backlash already, suggesting that well, maybe the album isn't quite as great as we first thought and that maybe Duffy . . .

Wha'evuh, as the Queen says.

Fact is that Duffy has a great voice, these songs stand multiple repeat plays and they actually say something too. So let us ignore the cynics and get on with enjoying ourselves shall we?

Some classic neo-soul songs here, all with one foot (and the whole of their heart) in the classics of yesteryear.

And you heard it here months ago.

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Jeffrey Paparoa Holman - Nov 24, 2008

This one for the Best of 2008, for me - what a voice, the title track is an instant classic, pushes you up against the wall and sez, "you ain't gettin' outta here less you listen!"
Plus, my mother and my grandmother lived there in the 1920s, and my grandfather died there. Pure emotion.

Glenn Bittle - Nov 25, 2008

She's certainly got a great voice but I found the tracks just a little repetitive. As a comparison I think Beth Rowley has more 'character' in her voice. Glenn

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