Flea BITE: Bite Me (Border)

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Flea BITE: Bite Me (Border)

And now something for our younger listeners. Or at least their parents or caregivers.

Robin Nathan (aka Flea BITE) out of Wellington has been making children's music which has adult appeal for its musical and often lyrical cleverness.

With Plan 9 (Janet Roddick, Stephen Roche and David Donaldson), Jeff Henderson and others this is a collection designed to amuse the young ones and not drive adults insane by the usual inane repetition of kids' music.

Yes, there is necessary repetition here but it's all kinda fun and with songs like I Love Blood, Nice and Nasty, Slug and Liver Lover there is just enough of the risque yuck factor.

Oh, and there's also the Happy Nose Picking Song.

That said, this doesn't seem to have quite the tongue-in-cheek adult humour and musical references of earlier outings. And, as with the Aunties' albums of old you may feel these songs are best experienced live when every performer is in some wacky costume (and Wellingtonians do so like dressing up in our experience).

But songs like Food O'Clock, the whimsical Nose song and easy lope of Probably Papakura will have the adults amused enough to hit replay.

This has been a consumer service for adults taking younger ones on a drive at Christmas.

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