GUEST ARTIST HANNA ISAAC opens her personal sketchbook

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Into the East: Black Hills Dakota
GUEST ARTIST HANNA ISAAC opens her personal sketchbook

[Editor's note: When Elsewhere reviewed the album Fight from the Inside by Into the East (here), we noted the delicate cover art and that lead to this invitation to the artist Hanna Isaac to tell us something of her background and show us more of her work. Here are some samples from her sketchbooks. If you are interested in contacting her -- she currently lives at Snells Beach -- then send an e-mail to Elsewhere via this]

After leaving school to better my education within the arts and cease wasting time on maths and science, thus began my love affair with all things creative.

After several different courses, completed and incomplete, both in New Zealand and Australia, I came to realise my passion lay predominantly with drawing.

These days my drawing practice is squeezed into a small window of free time that being a mother permits, mostly in a small journal, apart from a few large works that have been bothering me for a few years now that I persistently drag around between countries.

I have exhibited and won prizes but never really considered myself a dedicated 'professional', however I do secretly consider myself an 'artist'.

Prior to recently returning to New Zealand, I have spent the majority of my life residing near Byron Bay, NSW Australia. This is where I met Graeme Woller from Into The East (in an antenatal class of all places!).

When it was time for Into The East to create their album cover Graeme contacted me to ask if they could use some of my drawings that he had seen on my Facebook page. I was flattered and obliged.

Thanks to being a part of that, I was invited to be on this website.

And here I am!







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