GUEST ARTIST STEVEN ATHANAS from Toledo, Ohio shares his outsider work

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GUEST ARTIST STEVEN ATHANAS from Toledo, Ohio shares his outsider work

Having spent four decades being a singer in various bar bands, I am reinventing myself yet again – in my sixth decade on the planet – as a visual artist. Though some have suggested that I focus on one medium, I find myself constantly seeking new ways to 'spress myself, and wond'rin' why I should limit myself to one way.

I am inspired by my inner muse (whose name is Archimedea), Nature, some wine, wire and the Human Conundrum.

I have just released a book of my "pomes" and drawings, entitled "Random Commands, A Well Hung Man & Other Claptrap".

It is my hope to put a smile on folks' faces and please their optic nerve(s).

Here is a sample of some my recent work, with some explanatory text . . . 

"5 Things We Could Use Less Of in Our Country" (mixed media wall hanging) It's near impossible, but I tried to narrow down the major categories of decay in this country.


"Cuppa Light: Adam Ponders the Bite" "Cuppa Lights" are a creation of mine (unless somebody's doin' 'em in NZ!!!) where I form an armature of rusty wire, wrap it in tissue paper, let it dry, paint on it, polyurethane it, then put a votive cup w/candle inside.


"Mr. Rogers Tumbles barefoot thru Space (BOING!!!!! Art)" Another Ath invention, wherein a drawing is created then mounted on 3 strips of 7" lathe, utilizing a handmade spring - hence BOING!!!


"Thankless Inanimate Tasks" I write "pomes" and match it up with an apropos drawing.


"They're Comin' From the Ground, They're Comin' From the Sky . . . What the Hell??" (mixed media) Alexander Calder is a major hero o' mine, but my mobiles are not abstract (you should see my tribute to Captain Beefheart - another one o' my heroes)


The Lunatic Quads From Helsinki Escape the Asylum to Show Off Their Paintings in Lake Oulujarvi" (watercolor)


Steven Athanas is an artist who first came to Elsewhere's attention through his band the Coosters (their album was reviewed here) but what was very clear was that his quirky art -- which graced the envelope the CD came in as you may see -- was of as much interest.

Elsewhere has kept up a correspondence with Athanas (who lives in Corporal Klinger's hometown, for MASH fans) and we have been delighted to see his watercolors and constructions. And even more so now that he has started a typically idiosyncratic blog (here).

He has also had his first book of his art and poetry published (by Aureole Press) entitled Random Commands; A Well Hung Man and Other Claptrap . . . and you can see more of his art at his Facebook page here.

He really is something else . . . and that appeals to Elsewhere. You can buy his book by contacting him direct through one of those links.

And he assures us there really is a Lake Oulujarvi.

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See here for previous contributors' work. It is wide-ranging.

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