NO WAIT AROUND MY NECK: A lanyard in the works

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NO WAIT AROUND MY NECK: A lanyard in the works

I can't recall how it started but it probably happened like this: I came home from some event and hung it on a hook in the corner of a room.

And the next time was probably much the same, a kind of unthinking action.

The result of years of doing that means that in a corner of my office I have about 200 lanyards from various concerts, festivals, events, meetings, exclusive film screenings and so on.

They range from fancy music awards and meet'n'greet with the stars to plain things with my name scribbled on them and maybe some loose explanation of my role: “writer” or “journalist”.

lan2There are a few VIP ones but I wouldn't read too much into that.

The AAA ones are good (access all areas) but the truth is I can't really remember how I got some of them. The event has dissolved into the blur of the past.

Many of course I do recall: the various music awards and Womad festivals, and a few Big Day Out ones – if they had lanyards – would be buried at the back as newer ones arrived on top of them.

Prompts to memory I suppose, it's just that I simply don't remember a few of those which hang there without much to identify them other than my name, most often spelled correctly I note with pleasure.

(It is easy and common for each of my names to come out wonky.)

lan1So there they are, a collection of lanyards which do little more than take up space.

But I like them. At worst they allowed quick entry to venues and at best meant free drinks and finger food.

My favourite though was for a metal band called Apocalypse, for which I had an access all areas pass. I don't remember them, nor the where or when, but . . .

Apocalypse. Access All Areas?


When skies are split asunder by lightning and fire, the four horsemen are riding and the cries of the damned fill the air, I will have a balcony seat with table service.



329135092_736588311183477_8872815921707141871_nThese entries are of little consequence to anyone other than me Graham Reid, the author of this site.

And maybe my family, researchers and those with too much time on their hands.

Enjoy these random oddities at Personal Elsewhere.


Five bonus points to those who got the John Lennon reference in the subtitle.

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Graham - Feb 14, 2023

I had a collection of lanyards from many gigs.but some low life stole the entire collection in one hit.probanly sold most of them online. Sad to lose the memories and worse to have hundreds of packets of photos and negatives stolen as well.

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