Nidi D'Arac: Taranta Container (Galileo/Southbound)

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Nidi D'Arac: Ipocharia (DJ Click remix)
Nidi D'Arac: Taranta Container (Galileo/Southbound)

The bio of this Italian group who appeared at Womad says they come from "the beautiful city of Lecce" in the far south.

Well, as one who has been to Lecce I might debate some of its particular charms (the suburbs are awful, the churches without peer however) but let's leave that aside.

What Nidi D'Arac do is an enjoyable implosion of traditional music and acoustic instruments with electronica, dub, techno and so on.

Not an unfamiliar path in "world music" these days for younger musicians to take, and one which virtually guarantees a slot on a Womad. That said in their Friday night set they exploded.

Many of the songs here have come from previous albums (so it's a compilation which favours their live sound) and there are some remixes (by Piers Faccini, DJ Click, Steamer Pilot and Mr Tos if those names are familiar).

So here from beautiful Lecce are traditional songs on violin, tambourine, acoustic guitar and so on pulled into the areas where it gets pumped up for some real stomping.

Unfortunately the great voice of Anna Cinzia Villani who was outstanding in her brief appearances with the band at Womad is nowhere to be heard on this album.

For more on Womad 2013 artists at Elsewhere see here.

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