Motorhead: Ace of Spades

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Motorhead: Ace of Spades

Most bands have at least one defining song and for Motorhead – if it isn't their idiot-classic Killed by Death – it is the title track of the '80 album.

Their sound was by this time, their fourth studio album, an archetype of metal with furious punk energy which birthed thrash metal but was angry enough to hook in the middle class British punks alongside their working class rock audience.

They wouldn't be the last band to celebrate the freewheeling lifestyle of roadies (We Are the Roadcrew) but few did quite as convincingly reductive and rowdy.

They weren't alone in writing about the pleasures and dangers of under-age girls either (Jailbait) which angered feminists as much the unashamed celebration of sex, booze and drugs and rock'n'roll (Fast and Loose) needled more conservative rock writers.

If it hadn't been for mainman Lemmy living the lifestyle to the hilt it could be taken as comedically as Kiss, but Motorhead were the real deal and despite the odds in for quite the long haul.

JB_logoAce of Spades might not be a stone cold classic (although it has been acknowledged as one the Classic Album doco series) but it is a helluva lot of noisy headbanging fun.

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