Yin Yin, Mount Matsu (Glitterbeat/digital outlets)

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The Perseverance of Sano
Yin Yin, Mount Matsu (Glitterbeat/digital outlets)

Although we occasionally link to Spotify that is just for readers' convenience if a bandcamp link isn't available. (You can hear and buy at bandcamp so we prefer that.)

We sometimes use Spotify but haven't ever let it dictate our taste or direction.

Until now.

We were listening to the new single by Mdou Moctar and through inattention let the Spotify algorithm run us on into another song.

It was a catchy slice of instrumental pop by a Japanese group called Yin Yin which bore no resemblance at all the Hendrix-on-fire sound of Moctar and his explosive band.

So quite why we were directed to Yin Yin's Year of the Rabbit we couldn't fathom but decided to check them out, their latest album Mount Matsu in an appropriately Japanese-style woodblock cover.

As it happened the music was enjoyably retro: a smidgen of surf pop and guitar instrumental bands of the Sixties, a touch of disco beats and funk on Takahashi Timing, a touch of Thai and Chinese pop filtered through a lightlydelic attitude, some spaghetti western guitars . . .

Not as dreamy as Khruangbin but a nice companion piece to their sound, more than to Moctar.

Curious we investigated further to discover that this Japanese group are in fact from . . .

Maastricht in the Netherlands and there's not a Japanese member among them.

They are Kees Berkers (drums), Remy Scheren (bass), Erik Bandt(guitar) and Robbert Verwijlen (keyboards).

0033811407_10Well, Khruangbin come from Texas and one of our favourite Hawaiian album is by the Waikikis from Brussels playing the Lennon-McCartney songbook.

Oddly enough, Yin Yin are now based in Belgium, maybe getting tips from the retired studio musicians who were the Waikikis?

Mount Matsu is their third album and they are currently on a major European tour which – judging by the photos at their Facebook page – seems to be going off.

So there we are.

Spotify is useful although we are going to direct you to Yin Yin's bandcamp page.

And check out their previous album The Age of Aquarius while you are there, it's more experimental with synths and electronica.


You can hear this album at bandcamp here

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