British Sea Power: from the sea to the land beyond (Rough Trade)

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British Sea Power: Docklands Renewed
British Sea Power: from the sea to the land beyond (Rough Trade)

This UK group consistent delivered mature, diverse and largely overlooked but fine pop-rock albums, but have also made interesting digressions into soundtracks for old films, notably their music to accompany Robert J. Flaherty's heroic pseudo-doco Man of Aran from 1934.

Here in mostly instrumental music which soars on glisteningly melodic guitars, deploys spare piano, pulls in lachrymose strings or has an oceanic surge, they provide the lovely, moving and emotionally engaging music for Penny Woolcock's film of the same name which is a themed collage from archival British Film Industry footage of people from the Thirties at the beach, messing about in boats, preparing for war and so on.

Interestingly, none of this is new BSP music but draws from those previously mentioned rock albums, which proves how malleable and evocative their sound can be.

So although this could be read as a compilation, by recontextualising the pieces (and renaming them to suit the images) it comes off as an entirely new experience.

And this release gets extra points because it includes a DVD of Woolcock's wistful, nostalgic but sometimes raw-nerve 75 minute film.

If you like this then you should check out this and the accompanying clips.

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Deb - Jan 28, 2014

Oh my, these two clips are delicious, I felt quite lost when they ended!

Mike - Jan 28, 2014

Video is great - British shipbuilders of the Tyne in their heyday. An end of a great era.

Music is good. Need to look out for the album. Quite haunting music.

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