Dog Age: Good Day (theactivelistener)

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Dog Age: The King of Ing
Dog Age: Good Day (theactivelistener)

Here's the problem when neo-psychedelic artists posit themselves too exactly into a period and style, in this case specifically Lennon '67.

These Norwegians have certainly got the trippy ethos but here -- their two albums from '89 and '91 plus an extra track -- the nasal monotone of their Lennonesque vocals detracts from their rather fine folk-rock coupled with (occasionally orchestral) Lucy/Walrus pop.

It's worth remembering Lennon deployed his voice on songs like In My Life and Julia, it wasn't all echo, double-tracking and monochrome.

There are songs here which might have benefited from thinking about that so more character -- as on Here Comes the Summer -- might have come through.

As it stands this too often wears borrowed clothes (quirky Kinks, acoustic Move, solo Syd Barrett also) and that only serves to remind who owned them in the first place.

An interesting collection which certainly has its moments, but . . .

This album is available through Active Listener's bandcamp page here for free streaming or US$10 (or more). 

For more on the Active Listener and its psychedelic releases see this interview with Nathan Ford, the brains and enthusiasm behind it. And other AL releases reviewed are here.

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