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THE BARGAIN BUY: Rod Stewart; Storyteller

Rod Stewart: Handbags and Gladrags
THE BARGAIN BUY: Rod Stewart; Storyteller

It would be a churlish and narrow-mided rock writer who would deny that Rod Stewart was one of the greatest voices in rock, and perhaps that he would often squander it on lesser material.

And we excuse Do Ya Think I'm Sexy in this regard, it was just fun.

But Stewart's early career -- and it was long, from the early Sixties into the late Eighties -- was replete with real gems and the odd unpolished diamond amongst a few chunks of coal.

In regard to this terrific collection, Elsewhere has already advanced the case in Stewart's defense (not that he needs it, he seems to have thoroughly enjoyed himself and no one got hurt).

So all that remains to be said is this four CD collection is pretty much essential in any serious music collection.

JB_HZ_CHEAP_longAnd that it is now a paltry $20 at JB Hi-Fi stores here means that essential just got affordable too.

That, my friends, is a bargain. Buy.

(And pick up this and this at really cheap prices too, just to hear where Rod got it from.) 

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Sludgie - Apr 3, 2012

I was lucky enough last week to pick up a vinyl copy of this in immaculate condition for only $30. It is a great collection 80% essential, 15% ok and 5% best no spoken of.

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