Elsewhere Art . . . Ringo Starr

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Elsewhere Art . . . Ringo Starr

It seems harmless fun to make up things like Beatles albums or post parodies of academic articles about pop music.

But every now and again people take something at Absurd Elsewhere seriously, and yet all the clues that these are parodies, satire or utter nonsense are scattered about.

Ringo as a sexually confused young man? I Wanna Be Your Man originally written by some old blues guy? Inventing an unknown blues singer?


Anyway one day I decided to write on the Five Most Rarester Beatle Albums Ever (surely the heading was a clue in itself?) and concocted McCartney recording with Mrs Mills, a Lennon version of Revolver entirely backwards (called Reverser) and more.

Among the "more" was this one: Ringo walking out of the Get Back sessions (it was Harrison who did) and going to Paris to record with Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton because their drummer Ginger Baker had also walked out.

Utter nonsense but it meant I could get in some jibes about aggressive Baker and Clapton's infatuation with Harrison's wife.

And, as always, a few people took me to task because they'd believed it  . . . then when informed gently that it wasn't true, got very angry indeed.

Oh well . . .

It's all good fun until someone wants to take my eye out!

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