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When Cilla Black died unexpectedly in August -- she was 72 but somehow seemed at least a decade younger -- the many obituaries focused predominately on her early years as a pop star (essentially just six years after '63) then telescoped her subsequent television life which lasted for decades.

That was telling.

Cilla Black was one of those rare people who endeared herself to a pop audience and a generation as much for being down-to-earth as for having a belter of a voice which was also capable of gentle expression.

Whatever the truth was, she always appeared to be the lass from Liverpool who was mates with the Beatles and Gerry Marsden and others.

That she was driven and ambitious wasn't part of the picture. But she was . . . and that came through in this biopic in which Sheridan Smith does a more-than-passable Cilla in terms of accent, appearance and even vocal mannerisms.

Elsewhere has essayed this film previously, but we bring it to attention again because it is a good watch, funny and even revealing, and has plenty of great songs. (Be patient with the collage clip below featuring the real Cilla, it gets better with some classic footage.)

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