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Okay, as editor of Elsewhere I have had my say on the 30 best albums I wrote about this past year (here) -- while freely conceding I did not, could not, hear everything.

(Yes, yes the Arctic Monkeys didn't get reviewed ay Elsewhere . . . because it came out when I was in India and incommunicado.)

Doubtless you heard some music which moved you and wish to tell others about.

Here is your chance.

You could look at what Elsewhere covered in 2013 if you need some reminders or guidance (just start here at this page and work forward). And if you look at the bottom of that same page (or maybe one back to here by the time you read this) you'll see last year's editor's and readers' picks (so you can check if the album which grabbed you this year actually came out in 2012!)

So, just to ensure everyone gets equal time maybe just pick ONE album and give us in a sentence why you think it rates as one of the Best of 2013.

I avoided reissues, live albums, compilations, soundtracks and such things, and just threw attention on new albums.

Have your say by adding your album under Post a Comment below. You can do it anonymously of course, if you wish.

I look forward to reading what I missed or where I went wrong!

It's all just opinion, so please feel free to add yours.

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Jeremy - Dec 11, 2013

Okkervil River - The Silver Gymnasium.
Another classic by a band that should be bigger, with great songs (eg Down Down The Deep River) that sound like our rose tinted memories of youth and lyrics that remind us that it wasn't all just beer and beaches.
2nd non-Elsewhere pick would be Parquet Courts' Light Up Gold. GRAHAM REPLIES: Ha! Funny you should choose that, there is a consideration of Okkervil River and the excellent Silver Gymnasium scheduled to appear in January. Stay tuned.

Jamie - Dec 11, 2013

Guy Clarke: My Favourite Picture Of You

I rate him as one of the great songwriters, and this album reinforces that, if only for the title track, which is an incredibly poignant ode to his dying wife.

Rosco - Dec 11, 2013

Despite being spotified, opening pandora's many boxes, floating on soundclouds, getting barrelled on utube and a host of other online audio orgasmic opportunities, I have somehow still managed to spend a shitload on music this year. My accountant (wife) wants to speak to the bugger running this website. He is largely to blame apparently.
After all the listening, my (new) album of the year is one that doesn't seem to be getting the accolades that I think it is due. Jonathan Wilson's Fanfare is a Laurel Canyon trip-fest that incorporates the past, an intellectual and melodic present and points out a road ahead that the other regurgitators fail to.
GR, you're a star! GRAHAM REPLIES: Sincere thanks (and apologies to your wife). Mr Wilson not mentioned at Elsewhere because I'd never heard of him. Now I have so . . .

Brian - Dec 12, 2013

If I had to pick just one ( difficult with so many - and mostly not on the Elsewhere top 30...I scored a measly 3/ 30 ) then I'd have to go for Laura Veirs Warp And Weft - a sublime blend of songwriting, musicianship, recording and production so near perfect I swear I can see my speakers weeping when it's playing. For other recommendations I ask your readers to have a look at Box Of Birds -
Compliments of the Season and all the best for 2014.

John - Dec 12, 2013

Though I don't disagree with the post above, mentioning Guy Clark's album (it's great), I'd have to pick "From The Ground Up", by the young Oklahoman, John Fullbright. Not sure if you covered him this year, but this is a Grammy nominated album by a genius songwriter, who happens to sing great and play several instruments extremely well (disgusting, isn't it?). As my pal Gurf Morlix told me, "The boy is fully formed..."

Keith - Dec 12, 2013

Thanks for Elsewhere, Graham, great writing as usual. I'll give you my top four for this year.. Toppermost is Laura Marling's Once I Was An Eagle, followed by Jonathan Wilson - Fanfare, Savages - Silence Yourself and Billy Bragg - Tooth and Nail.

Chris P - Dec 12, 2013

My top ten jazz:
Gary Burton - Guided Tour
JD Allen - Grace
Trio 3 + Jason Moran - Refraction, Breaking Glass
Nicole Mitchell - Aquarius
Jonathan Finlayson - Moment and the Message
Mary Halvorson - Illusionary Sea
Eri Yamamoto - Firefly
Harris Eisenstadt - Golden State
Wayne Shorter - Without a Net
Peter Evans - Zebulon

Chris P - Dec 12, 2013

Apologies, just read your intro and saw that you suggested just picking one album... i guess i'll single out Mary Halvorson - Illusionary Sea... the latest amazing album from this modern great.

Jamie - Dec 13, 2013

Totally agree that John Fullbright is a star, and love the album, would have rated it up here, but it was released last year!

David Geary - Dec 13, 2013

Arcade Fire - REFLEKTOR. And Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays, and thanks for sharing the music that makes the world go round.

Tom - Dec 18, 2013

Tricky's False Idols was a remarkable return to form but for something a little more elsewhere I'd pick Mat Cothran's two: Coma Cinema - Posthumous Release and Elvis Depressedly - Holo Pleasures. Misanthropy never sounded better.

Rudd - Jan 18, 2014

Jason Isbell's Southeastern

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