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Buddy Miller and Jim Lauderdale: Buddy and Jim (New West)

Buddy Miller/Jim Lauderdale: Vampire Girl
Buddy Miller and Jim Lauderdale: Buddy and Jim (New West)

Miller and Lauderdale should need no introduction to many Elsewhere readers (they have links to Emmylou Harris, Robert Plant, Dwight Yoakam and have credible solo careers etc) and were roots Americana before the term was invented.

Here -- recording in just three days -- they knock off a lively selection of rockin' roots (Looking For a Heartache Like You, The Wobble), country-rock blues (I Want to do Everything for You), highway-driving rock (the Petty-like monotone hurt of I Lost My Job of Loving You), hints of bluegrass (the traditional Train That Carried My Gal From Town with Stuart Duncan on fiddle) and taut rockabilly influences (Vampire Girl).

Yes there are also ballads -- the acoustic That's Not Even Why I Love You and It Hurts Me  -- and of course the guitar playing throughout is exemplary from the main players and Russ Pahl on steel guitar.

This is one of those albums which makes you imagine you are sitting in small bar and the band is playing these songs for a small and select audience.

We know what dad-rock is (Mark Knopfler etc) and this does sound like uncle-rock if you get my drift. But these are uncles you would happily invite to the wedding. If they played The Wobble the dancefloor would be packed.

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Jamie Macphail - Jan 14, 2013

Perfect description! If only I had uncles like these two, I'd live on their porch. I am loving this album, it doesn't need massive production, there is obviously such a rapport with the musicians that it's a treat to just hear them playing, almost live.

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