Elsewhere Art . . . Bevis Frond

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Elsewhere Art . .  . Bevis Frond

And after last week's coincidence of posting a collage of Wayne Shorter in the same week a Santana album (featuring Shorter) came off the shelf at random for consideration now comes . . .

This collage I did exactly five years ago when introducing the UK cult band Bevis Frond fronted by Nick Saloman.

"Introducing" a band which had been going for 30 years and had released as many albums . . . but still not many in New Zealand would be familiar with them (although Andrew Fagan certainly is).

Bevis Frond are the living link between psychedelic guitar and shabby garageband, the power trio and post-punk DIY pop-rock . . . and Saloman is quite the plank-spanker.

Hence the appropriation of the classic Hendrix poster for this collage. I regret putting the Bevis Frond name so prominetly but at the time I felt I needed to because . . .

Well, given so few people know of them I thought the strange and unfamiliar name coupled with mulit-coloured Jimi might draw attention to them.

Maybe this time? Because this very week, by coincidence, we review the new album from Bevis Frond.


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