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The Chills: The BBC Sessions (Fire/Southbound)

26 Dec 2014

During their peak in the Eighties -- in '85, '87 and '88 -- various line-ups of the Chills recorded sessions for John Peel's famous radio shows on the BBC. Here collected are all 12 of the songs, and it is a thrill to hear this group/these groups at the top of their game as Martin Phillipps helms them through some classics (Rolling Moon, Brave Words, Night of Chill Blue) and other songs... > Read more

Moonlight on Flesh


22 Dec 2014    3

Okay, as editor of Elsewhere I have had my say on the 30 best albums I wrote about this past year (here) -- while freely conceding I did not, could not, hear everything. Doubtless you heard some music which moved you and wish to tell others about. Here is your chance. You could look at what Elsewhere covered in 2014 if you need some reminders or guidance (just start at this... > Read more


22 Dec 2014

Just before we consider the best reissues of the year can we just pause for a moment and note that Jimmy Page is the year's most over-rated man: his photo autobiography was a crashing bore (unless you just want pages of an increasingly aging Jimmy playing guitar on page after page) and the Led Zeppelin reissues with additional material did little to enhance their legacy and much to diminish it.... > Read more


19 Dec 2014    1

At a very rough guess Elsewhere probably reviewed or wrote about more than 200 albums in the past year . . . and we certainly didn't get to many excellent ones simply by constraints of time. So what follows are simply the 30 most durable albums from the past year in our opinion. The ones that you could listen to repeatedly . . .  as we've done. They aren't “the... > Read more

Dictaphone Blues: Mufti Day (bandcamp)

18 Dec 2014

Ed Castelow aka Dictaphone Blues is, for Elsewhere's money, one of the most talented, smartest and best pop-rock songwriter/singers at work in this country right now. He's also very funny as he plunders doo-wop (here on the absurd intro to Lance's Tape), writes very witty lyrics and some highly moving ones, latches them to memorable tunes (Her Heart Breaks Like a Wave deserves to be pouring... > Read more

Prepaid Fare

SHORT CUTS: A round-up of recent New Zealand releases

11 Dec 2014

Facing down an avalanche of releases, requests for coverage, the occasional demand that we be interested in their new album (sometimes with that absurd comment "but don't write about it if you don't like it") and so on, Elsewhere will every now and again do a quick sweep like this.  Comments will be brief. The Eastern; The Territory (RPR): Adam McGrath of the Eastern... > Read more

Talking Americana Cowboy Yeeha Blues

Nathan Haines: 5 A Day (Warners)

8 Dec 2014

In a recent in-depth interview with Elsewhere, Nathan Haines spoke about how hard it was for him and his longtime producer Mike Patto to make this new album. In comments we didn't publish there he said, “we were running up against deadlines and it took a massive toll on our lives”. “I had to stop working because there were a lot of man hours in there. You read... > Read more

Hidden Fortress

ONE WE MISSED: Eyreton Hall: Featherstich (Aeroplane)

5 Dec 2014    1

Life, the need to make a living and a trip to Australia meant this exceptionally classy folk-rock and catchy-pop album by Eyreton Hall -- the antipodean duo of Andrew Keegan and Toni Randle slipped right by us when it was released a fornight ago. It is certainly not too late to discover this classy confection which was mostly written near Christchurch and was recorded Auckland by... > Read more


David Bowie: Nothing Has Changed (Parlophone)

5 Dec 2014

The surprising resurrection of David Bowie with his extremely good The Next Day last year doubtless prompted this retrospective double CD chronological collection (which also comes as an impressively thorough four CD version). There's never been much shortage of Bowie compilations and doubtless the hopeful tipping point for this one is the new single Sue (Or in a Season of Crime) at the end... > Read more

Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)

FleaBITE: The Jungle is Jumping (Border)

5 Dec 2014

Elsewhere rarely touches children's music (so please don't start sending them) but we have made an exception for Wellington's FleaBITE (Robin Nathan) because her songs are so quirky and when she was Fatcat and Fishface I swear I've referenced Spike Milligan, Yoko Ono, Mary Poppins and reggae when writing about this left-field stuff. This is another such outing with assistance from the... > Read more

Do the Woopsie

Curtis Harding; Soul Power (Warners)

1 Dec 2014

Back in early June we posted a review of this album under our ONE WE MISSED banner because it had appeared through the indie distributor Southbound the previous month. Well, seems everyone is now playing catch-up because it is out again through Warners and suddenly the reviews are tumbling in. So we'll just re-post what we said five months back . . . This fascinating, genre-defying... > Read more

I Don't Wanna Go Home

Sylvie Simmons: Sylvie (Light in the Attic/Southbound)

1 Dec 2014

Now in her early 60s, Simmons is acclaimed as one of the finest rock writers who has been a longtime contributor to Mojo (insightful articles, interviews and her Americana column), writing box-set liner notes (Johnny Cash, based on spending a week with him before his death) and for her most recent book, the thorough biography of Leonard Cohen, I'm Your Man. On her lengthy book tour... > Read more

Life Goes Bad

Erlend Oye: Legao (Bubbles)

21 Nov 2014    1

So here's how it goes in my Elsewhere world. A few months ago a friend was in Berlin somewhere, saw this guy Erlend Oye and his band, loved it, mentioned Elsewhere to the merchandising person after the gig and . . . Subsequently this CD showed up. "Clearly he seeks world domination," said my pal when I told him. I also told him . . . err, yes, Elsewhere was actually aware of... > Read more

Bad Guy Now

Foxygen: . . . and Star Power (Jagjaguwar)

20 Nov 2014

There are such a lot of borrowed clothes being donned by this LA duo of Jonathan Rado and Sam France -- plus the various star power pals from Of Montreal, Flaming Lips and others -- that you either laugh at the sheer psychedelic gall of it all. Or play Spot the Source Material. Across two mostly groovy, tripped-out and casually delivered discs Foxygen -- who construct this as a... > Read more


Miho Wada: Miho's Jazz Orchestra, Live at the Lab (Aeroplane)

19 Nov 2014    1

 On the occasion of her debut album Postcards to Your Bed in 2010, I expressed considerable reservations about this young flute player who billed her style as "Japanese punk jazz". That seemed a description so wide as to be meaningless, and nothing on the album suggested punk or jazz as I understand them.  I also noted her bio made some striking claims: being... > Read more

Dudley Benson: Deforestation (Golden Retriever)

17 Nov 2014

Dudley Benson – who recently received a $25,000 New Generation Artist award from Westpac – has a small, and some might say, perfectly formed catalogue. But it is small. By my reckoning there have been just a couple of EPs (see here and here). And just two albums (this and this), some of which included EP material. Then there was the live album... > Read more

Pipiwharauroa (Iso12 remix

Various Artists: A Day in My Mind's Mind; The Kiwi Psychedelic Scene (Frenzy/Real Groovy)

17 Nov 2014    1

A few months ago a friend and I were discussing prog-rock -- it had been a long lunch, this topic doesn't come up often -- and I observed there had been very few great prog statements by Kiwi artists in the late Sixties/early Seventies. I suggested prog by its very nature was expensive music to create and perform. He demurred and I bowed to his greater knowledge. For a couple of... > Read more

Bellyboard Beat

Pink Floyd: The Endless River (Sony)

10 Nov 2014    1

Because Pink Floyd have been around so long and went through various phases and stages, it's probably helpful for any reviewer of this album – identified by guitarist/prime mover David Gilmour as their farewell – to say clearly which era was their Floyd-of-Preference. I was there for their first singles and although I can't say I heard every song or album at the time since,... > Read more

Things Left Unsaid

Ry Cooder: Soundtracks (Warners)

10 Nov 2014    1

A couple of years ago when Ry Cooder was coming to New Zealand with the charming Nick Lowe, Elsewhere did an interview with him. It didn't go well. Actually, that's not entirely true. It didn't go well until – after some cursory answers to what I thought were decent questions – I realised here was man who needed to be provoked. If you look at... > Read more

Goose and Lucky

RECOMMENDED REISSUE: Corben Simpson; Get Up With the Sun

10 Nov 2014    3

Although not a classic New Zealand album -- one which starts with a weird one minute kazoo solo perhaps precludes itself from consideration immediately -- this '73 release on the Harvest label by singer-songwriter Corben Simpson is frequently too good, or at least "interesting", to ignore. In another time that kazoo solo might have been replaced by putorino to better effect as a... > Read more

I Beg Your Pardon