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Joni Mitchell: Taming the Tiger (Warners)

1 Jan 1999  |  1 min read

Joni Mitchell recently said she was so tired of being pitted against any "new Joni" woman singer who came along that she seriously considered retirement and devoting time to her painting (which has become very twee, if those works included in the booklet here are anything to go by). It's not promising, then, to read that the song which got her back on track was about her cat,... > Read more

Various Artists: Pacific Nation Vol 1 (Pacific Nation/BMG)

4 Oct 1998  |  2 min read

Among the more ill-informed discussion about the music quota has been whether there's enough "quality" New Zealand music out there even to fill the oft-advocated 10 per cent. Those who ask -- middle-aged politicians, columnists and radio people with a financial investment in the status quo -- often seem the least positioned to actually know, let alone be genuinely... > Read more

Wendyhouse: Live from the Pillow (Wiggley Tapes)

4 Sep 1998  |  3 min read

Nobody knew much about Wendyhouse until a profile in the Listener this month on the occasion of this album release. Wading through their elevating credentials (cult status, obscure releases, musically and literally itinerant) and the arty buzzwords they have already attracted is one thing, but - is the album any good?Yes - although that's not unequivocal. It's an adventure to listen to,... > Read more