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Trick Mammoth: Floristry (Fishrider)

10 Feb 2014

Someone has to say it, so . . . Trick Mammoth – described as “a flower cult pop band from Dunedin, New Zealand”, which presumes an international audience – rarely rise above a very low thresh-hold for originality. Especially for anyone who heard Look Blue Go Purple/Sneaky Feelings/Britain's the Sunday and all those other pop band decades ago... > Read more

Pinker Sea

RECOMMENDED REISSUE: Ticket; Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

9 Feb 2014

Recommended if for no other reason than people have been paying unfeasibly large sums for the original vinyl (doubtless rather scratched, the record came out in '72) . . . But more seriously because this second album by Christchurch's Ticket -- recorded in Australia and following their excellent post-Hendrix debut Awake -- is a fine example of that intersection of hard rock and... > Read more

And the Band Played

Beaulieu Porch: Beaulieu Porch (the activelistener)

7 Feb 2014

With a name which suggests Southern soul more than psychedelics, this project by Simon Berry from Salisbury, England quite specifically narrows the focus of influences to between May '67 (the release of Procol Harum's Whiter Shade of Pale, hinted at here on Virgil) and December of that year (the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour) for this impressive debut. This collection of material from... > Read more


ONE WE MISSED: Surf City; We Knew It Was Not Going to be Like This (Arch Hill)

6 Feb 2014

Because Elsewhere is a one-man outfit, "we" can't be everywhere at once -- and sometimes we are very elsewhere as you may see here -- so every now and again there will be slightly apologetic postings under the banner . . . One We Missed. And given we thoroughly enjoyed the 2010 album by this Auckland band Kudos (see here) we do need to bring this album by Surf City to attention of... > Read more

Song From a Short Lived TV Series

Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks: Wig Out at Jagbags (Domino/Universal)

3 Feb 2014

After fuzzed-out psychedelics with the Jicks along the lines of Neil Young/Television, former Pavement-man Malkmus reconnected with the programme in 2011 with his Mirror Traffic album (produced by Beck). And this one – with references to his indie.rock past, sometimes poking fun at it as on the one-listen comedic Rumble at the Rainbo about band reunions – continues in... > Read more

Rumble at the Rainbo

Trappist Afterland Band: Like a Beehive, the Hill was Alive (theactivelistener)

3 Feb 2014    1

While we here at Elsewhere have observed the steady rehabilitation and rise again of prog-rock -- albeit in a more focused form than its ancestors in the early Seventies -- it's pleasing to note that psychedelic music has never really gone away. But for discerning listeners and those in search of more obscure but contemporary practitioners, finding your way through all the music out there... > Read more

Gardening in Lure

The Head and the Heart: Let's Be Still (SubPop)

3 Feb 2014

Many online music reviews have the tag, “for fans of . . .” so let's cut to that for this musically delightful, thoughtful second album by a Seattle band of mostly out-of-state talents. This is for fans of Fleet Foxes, Paul Simon, orchestrated pop and finely crafted wistful nostalgia or emotional uncertainty wrapped up in lovely tunes. With a folk-pop approach... > Read more

10.000 Weight in Gold

British Sea Power: from the sea to the land beyond (Rough Trade)

27 Jan 2014    2

This UK group consistent delivered mature, diverse and largely overlooked but fine pop-rock albums, but have also made interesting digressions into soundtracks for old films, notably their music to accompany Robert J. Flaherty's heroic pseudo-doco Man of Aran from 1934. Here in mostly instrumental music which soars on glisteningly melodic guitars, deploys spare piano, pulls in... > Read more

Docklands Renewed

Rosanne Cash: The River and the Thread (Blue Note)

27 Jan 2014    2

One of the last songs Johnny Cash recorded was the moving September When It Comes with his daughter Rosanne for her 2003 album Rules of Travel. In a cracked baritone Cash confronted his own weaknesses and impending death, but just as powerful was Rosanne's honey-sweetened counterpoint vocal. Co-written with her husband/guitarist and producer John Leventhal, it remains a... > Read more

Tell Heaven

Mamaku: Twigs of Gold (

26 Jan 2014

It has been some while since this world music outfit from West Auckland appeared at Elsewhere: back in 2007 and 2008 in fact when they were Mamaku Project and we had good things to say about their two albums which were amalgams of Pacifika, dub, gypsy sounds and so on. Again they bring together a meltdown of styles -- yes, the Kiwi default position of a crowd-pleasing reggae rhythm is... > Read more

Pharaoh's Milkyway

Kim Dotcom: Good Times (kimdotcom)

25 Jan 2014    3

Is there not an irony that Kim Dotcom -- a man whose business model involves not paying for the creative work of others -- should appear on the cover of a weekly music guide which is available in record stores? If there is an irony, then the editors seemed not to have noticed, or maybe like so many they were seduced by the strange charisma and cachet the big man seems to enjoy. The odd... > Read more

Dance Dance Dance

The Cakekitchen: Calm Before the Storm (RPR)

20 Jan 2014    1

The Cakekitchen which revolves around former This Kind of Punishment/Nocturnal Projections singer/guitarist Graeme Jefferies have been around since the late Eighties -- although their posted discography doesn't note their excellent self-titled Flying Nun EP of '88 which featured Dave the Pimp, Witness to Your Secrets, Silence of the Sirens and Machines, some of which appear to have turned up on... > Read more

Little Blue Penguins

Ocean Full of Fins: OFOF (

20 Jan 2014

There's a funny old comment about the first Blood Sweat and Tears album from 1968 . . . that if you dropped the needle (as you did) randomly on the record you could hear a different band every time: jazz, funk, pop and even goddam classical Erik Satie on their treatment of his elegant Trois Gymnopedies. Well, something similar applies here with this band from Canada -- playing in New Zealnd... > Read more


Bruce Springsteen: High Hopes (Sony)

19 Jan 2014

If anyone is long overdue a decent royalty cheque it is the ferociously smart and wickedly funny Chris Bailey, formerly of Brisbane's Saints who delivered the classic pre-punk single (I'm) Stranded. His lengthy solo career has been rewarding to follow, but attention mostly falls on that Saints catalogue which also included the wonderfully downbeat Stones-like acoustic-driven... > Read more

Just Like Fire Would

Carnivorous Plant Society: Carnivorous Plant Society (bandcamp)

16 Jan 2014

Drawing on everything from cool and classic Miles Davis, sci-fi, Mexican music, Spaghetti Westerns and ambient sounds, this large ensemble lead by Auckland horn and keyboard player Finn Scholes (who also did the cover art and animated videos) doesn't exactly try to be all things to all people. But you can imagine listeners with catholic tastes and a disposition to the unexpected would... > Read more


National Wake: Walk in Africa 1979-81(Light in the Attic/Southbound)

14 Jan 2014

Although the unearthing of long forgotten -- if ever-known -- bands, genres and marginal artists has become the norm these days (another week, another cult artist you'd "always been into"?) it has to be said every now and again something comes along you sit up and pay attention to. So it is with this mixed-race band which formed and briefly played during South Africa's... > Read more



11 Dec 2013    8

By my approximate count, Elsewhere has written reviews or overviews on about 200 albums this past year (mostly new releases but also reissues, compilations and so on). Most of those reviews appeared at Music from Elsewhere, but -- given this is Elsewhere -- there were also some others under World Music, Jazz, Reggae and Blues. And when it came to box set reissues or the like, they got some... > Read more


11 Dec 2013    12

Okay, as editor of Elsewhere I have had my say on the 30 best albums I wrote about this past year (here) -- while freely conceding I did not, could not, hear everything. (Yes, yes the Arctic Monkeys didn't get reviewed ay Elsewhere . . . because it came out when I was in India and incommunicado.) Doubtless you heard some music which moved you and wish to tell others about. Here is... > Read more


11 Dec 2013    1

So how long is the history of the music which appears at Elsewhere? Well, it has been 60 years since Elvis Presley first crossed the threshold of Sun Studio in Memphis and Charlie Parker played at Massey Hall in Toronto with Dizzy Gillespie, Charles Mingus, Max Roach and Bud Powell; 50 years since the Rolling Stones started pulling crowds for their British brand of black blues and the... > Read more

Wooden Shjips: Back to Land (Thrill Jockey/Border)

9 Dec 2013

Someone clever – probably Laurie Anderson or Brian Eno – said every musical style that ever existed is being played somewhere today. Which accounts for Appalachian death ballads, indie.folk, prog-rock, head-down boogie and psychedelic drone rock from decades ago still finding an audience. Of the latter style, San Francisco's Wooden Shjips explore a sound which is partly... > Read more

These Shadows