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UNITONE HiFi INTERVIEWED (1996): Did you pack the bag yourself, sir?

5 Dec 1996  |  3 min read

It's all very well touring the provinces but increasingly New Zealand musicians are making the big leap direct into the world. Stinky Jim – one third of dubble your sound, double your pleasure outfit Unitone HiFi – is telling of an experience in a small mediaeval town in France The question was simple: when Unitone took off on a month-long tour of Europe recently was there a... > Read more

PHIL FUEMANA INTERVIEWED (1994): Talking loud and standing Proud

25 Mar 1994  |  6 min read

Phillip Fuemana, tour manager for the big Proud show which arrives at the Powerstation for an all-ages event tonight, speaks of the learning curve some of the acts have negotiated as the month-long tour has wound its way around the country. Not only have the performers learned how to live with each other and the etiquette of motel living (“for some of these guys it’s their first... > Read more