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6 Sep 1998  |  3 min read

There have been few reasons to record anything off music television lately, but an opportunity comes tomorrow night in, of all places, the relentlessly sponsored Ground Zero.Somewhere between product placements, the Dead C will play live - and for those who haven't followed the footnotes of New Zealand rock, that's a rarity. Rare to the point of being a first.After 12 years the three-piece out... > Read more

PAULA COLE, INTERVIEWED (1999): Arm-en to that

8 Feb 1998  |  3 min read

You'd have to concede one thing about Paula Cole. She's candid.In a 20-minute phone interview, the former Peter Gabriel backup singer - best known for her solo hits Where Have All The Cowboys Gone? and I Don't Want to Wait, the theme for telly's Dawson's Creek - admits her new album hasn't done the business she hoped for.And she's felt increasingly uncomfortable with her high profile since... > Read more

THE NEW LOUNGEHEAD, INTERVIEWED (1997): Something weirdly good this way comes

18 Sep 1997  |  3 min read

“It’s hard to say you’ve got a jazz background in New Zealand,” says Dan Sperber, guitarist and founder member of the New Loungehead, “because it’s very small and inbred. “And the young people involved wear suits and are under pressure to conform to older guys’ notions of jazz, playing those old tunes again and again. That music has got... > Read more

SULATA, INTERVIEWED (1997): From school to stardom

28 Feb 1997  |  6 min read

Sulata sits in the large, empty conference room at Festival Records and awaits callers. She’s misplaced her schedule, has already done a few face-to-face interviews and later in the day there are phoners to various radio stations around the country. That’s what happens when you put an album out. Her heart, naturally enough, isn’t here. It’s at home with her two-month... > Read more

UNITONE HiFi INTERVIEWED (1996): Did you pack the bag yourself, sir?

5 Dec 1996  |  3 min read

It's all very well touring the provinces but increasingly New Zealand musicians are making the big leap direct into the world. Stinky Jim – one third of dubble your sound, double your pleasure outfit Unitone HiFi – is telling of an experience in a small mediaeval town in France The question was simple: when Unitone took off on a month-long tour of Europe recently was there a... > Read more

PHIL FUEMANA INTERVIEWED (1994): Talking loud and standing Proud

25 Mar 1994  |  6 min read

Phillip Fuemana, tour manager for the big Proud show which arrives at the Powerstation for an all-ages event tonight, speaks of the learning curve some of the acts have negotiated as the month-long tour has wound its way around the country. Not only have the performers learned how to live with each other and the etiquette of motel living (“for some of these guys it’s their first... > Read more