Blues in Elsewhere

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Guy Davis: Skunkmello (Red House)

12 Sep 2006  |  <1 min read

Before you look at the title and the cover art -- Davis laughing and surrounded by smoke -- let's get it straight: this isn't a stoner album but (apparently) takes its title from a notorious chicken thief F. Samuel Skunkmello "who founded the Lazy Liars and Loafers Club Inc. which was not really incorporated because he was too lazy to go downtown to fill out the paperwork". If you... > Read more

Eddie Turner, The Turner Diaries (Northern Blues/Southbound)

2 Jul 2006  |  <1 min read

Stephen Stills -- of Crosby, Stills and Nash -- says that Turner reminds him of his old friend Jimi Hendrix, and you can certainly hear that sky-scaling Jimi-approach in any number of the blistering tracks on this powerful album. But Turner does pull back in some material -- which still seem to seethe with menace. This album won't be to everyone's taste -- it is best enjoyed loud so you... > Read more

Eddie Turner: Save My Life

DUKE ROBILLARD INTERVIEWED (2004): Still in that room full of blues

15 Aug 2004  |  3 min read

When you think of Rhode Island, you don't immediately think of it as a crucible of the blues. It's the state north of New York so small you could carpet it, the home of the red chicken - Rhode Island Red is the state bird, correct? - and JFK and Jackie were married there. But as a home of the blues? Maybe not. Unless you remember that Newport, which some America's Cup contenders... > Read more