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19 Aug 2007  |  4 min read

Fortysomething years ago the New York filmmaker DA Pennebaker received an offer he couldn’t refuse -- and which would subsequently define the genre of rock documentaries, rockumentaries if you will. The phone call came from Albert Grossman, the most important manager in music at the time after the Beatles’ Brian Epstein. Grossman -- who later managed Janis Joplin, Todd Rundgren... > Read more

THE BEATLES ANTHOLOGY ON DVD (2003): And the songs remain the same?

1 Nov 2005  |  3 min read

For a record company it was the cross-marketing opportunity of a lifetime. Well, maybe a lunchtime. But it seemed an uncanny coincidence that Neil Innes -- aka Ron Nasty of the Beatles-parody band the Rutles -- was in Auckland last week just days before the Beatles' remastered, digitally enhanced, but-wait-there's-more Anthology series was released on DVD. If it was me I'd be out... > Read more

The Beatles: You Know My Name

WILL SMITH INTERVIEWED (2002): Taking Muhammad to the movies

24 Feb 2002  |  6 min read

He works the crowd brilliantly, stopping to chat informally, shake outstretched hands and pose for photographs with his lovely wife. He smiles and quips, and has perfected that Bill Clinton gesture of pointing and waving into the middle distance of the throng. If you are the chosen one it's as if you've been singled out for special attention. To the outside observer it looks as if... > Read more

THE WHO'S QUADROPHENIA ON DVD (2001): The Mods will ride again

9 Nov 2001  |  <1 min read

Quadrophenia -- the story and music written by Pete Townshend of the Who -- shifted the focus back to pre-Beatles Britain, to the world of Mods and Rockers, of battles on Brighton Beach between the two, and Townshend's famously disenchanted lost boy at the centre of it all. This was a dark world of early British pop culture that cheery Beatlemania erased from memory and it took the... > Read more