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Dee's classic Kiwi cheese rolls

15 Jun 2013  |  <1 min read  |  1

Dee says having spent the first 10 years of her life in Southland, every Kiwi should experience the warming delights of cheese rolls. Winter is a comin' on folks and Dee recommends this simple recipe to accompany lazing on the couch under a blanket watching the warm glow of the fire . . . or television set.  INGREDIENTS 1 packet onion soup 2 ½ cups grated tasty... > Read more

Wicked Chicken: soul funk for the barbecue

17 Jan 2011  |  1 min read

Many years ago Rhino Records -- a reissue label out of LA -- put out a booklet-cum-CD package of old soul and funk with an eating theme, specifically food for barbecues. Tracks on the CDs included Hot Barbecue by Brother Jack McDuff, Grits (James Brown), Chicken Strut (the Meters), Jambalaya on the Bayou (Fats Domino) and so on. You get the picture: tasty music and, in the recipes supplied... > Read more

Prawns in Red Curry Sauce

13 Sep 2010  |  1 min read

Cannot tell a lie, I borrowed this one from a CD-cum-recipe set in the generic series called The Ideal . . . Dinner Party, and you fill in the gap there with Thai, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican or French. The accompanying CD is gentle dinner party ambient music which refers too those regions. The chef whose name is attached to the series is Bettina Samain and with the Thai one she... > Read more

generic thai music

Llew's pork & prune medley, from the Republic of SunnyO

5 Jul 2010  |  <1 min read

Andrew Llewellyn who contributes this makes an excellent point when he says, "is there any meal that cannot be vastly improved by the addition of bacon?" Read on and you will see that Andrew is a pig man, but believe me this is elegantly simple and absolutely delicious. You can also do it slowly on a barbeque. INGREDIENTS  Pork fillets sausage meat a cup or so of... > Read more

Pollo Adobo (chicken, Filipino style)

28 Jun 2010  |  <1 min read

Alan offers this alarmingly simple recipe for a chicken dish from the Philippines. Couldn't be easier -- or more tasty. INGREDIENTS 4 skinned chicken breasts 1 cup water 1 cup white vinegar 3 tbsp light soy sauce 3 bay leaves 4 cloves garlic, chopped 1 tbsp ground black pepper 1 tbsp oil Rice enough for four people. METHOD Cut chicken into serving size... > Read more

Hot Smoked Salmon Pasta

21 Jun 2010  |  <1 min read

Cannot tell a lie, this one is lifted directly from the Salmonman flier that we picked up somewhere. Salmonman sells all kinds of salmon -- from smoked fillets to steaks and marinated kebabs -- as well as prawns and shrimps. And delivers to your door in New Zealand. Check out the website here. This one was dead easy, as you may see. It is rich, but delicious. INGREDIENTS... > Read more

Chilli lime Thai fish with coriander, by James

14 Jun 2010  |  1 min read  |  1

James is my Thai friend and a wonderful chef (see his Authetically Thai Chicken recipe), and this is a rare treat. It helps in the presentation to have one of those fish-shaped trays with candles underneath to keep the dish warm on the table, and should definitely be served with sticky rice because the sauce is sublime. There are also ingredients here which might mean you have to make a... > Read more

Scotty's salmon'n'scallop filo gateau with a capsicum dill buerre blanc

9 Jun 2010  |  1 min read

This superb and astonishingly easy recipe comes courtesy of Scotty Newcombe, chef at Lake Brunner Lodge in the South Island of New Zealand. Lake Brunner Lodge is one of those ideal retreats where you have nature on your doorstep and you can fish for brown trout or salmon, wander through the bush or along the shores of photogenic Lake Brunner, or just indulge in the peaceful ambience of the... > Read more

Crispy'n'chilli squid

8 Jun 2010  |  1 min read

Cannot tell a lie, this is a variation on something from Nigella Bites -- but with a twist. Real tasty starter, but it does involve gettin' squishy with it because you really do need fresh squid which you have to clean and take out all the yucky and hard bits -- like excrement and eyes. But really, it's worth it in the end. INGREDIENTS Three medium-sized whole squid (ie. tubes about... > Read more

Greg's wife's Kotosoupa Avgolemono (chicken soup with egg and lemon sauce)

9 May 2010  |  1 min read

Given the climate in New Zealand right now this is the recipe we have been awaiting for. This is courtesy of Greg's Greek/Cypriot wife and we are assured is renown as a cure for colds. Even if it isn't, it is a winner.    INGREDIENTS  1 chicken weighing around 1 kilo. Oven ready.  1 onion peeled and halved  1 carrot peeled and halved  1... > Read more

Seafood gumbo, Cajun-style

19 Apr 2010  |  1 min read

Anyone who has had the good fortune to be in Cajun country in Louisiana knows that the food is often spectacularly good. I've only spent too short a time there -- I have a chapter in Postcards From Elsewhere about the small town of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana -- but I did ask around for recipes. On a napkin I had scribbled notes for a gumbo which, over time and experimentation, turned into... > Read more

James' "no worries" Curried Alaskan King Crab

21 Dec 2009  |  2 min read

My friend James has appeared at Recipes from Elsewhere with two excellent dishes, his authentically Thai chicken and his chilli lime Thai fish with coriander. But this one is especially special. First be warned, unless you live in the US -- or specifically Alaska - this could be pricey (in NZ the 1.5kg of Alaskan King Crab clocked in at about $90) but believe me it is worth it as a special... > Read more

Jan and Mark's easy-as noodles

18 Jul 2009  |  <1 min read

The simple recipes are the best and they don't come much more easy than this, but also satisfying. INGREDIENTS  Thin yellow oil noodles (in the fridge and precooked from the Tofu shop)  cucumber carrot red onions garlic(very finely sliced) fresh coriander hot chillies (fresh is best but favourite sauce ok) METHOD Finely slice the cucumber, carrots, red... > Read more

David's Spanish lamb and red pepper stew

1 Jul 2009  |  1 min read

David says this is a deliciously simple recipe that can withstand a few variances in the amount of ingredients used, the only caution being that you use very good quality paprika. The Spanish brand La Chinata seems to be readily available in New Zealand, and the bittersweet smoked version suits the dish best. This will serve four.  INGREDIENTS I kg, or a little more, of lean lamb.... > Read more

Angela's Low-fat Moist Cake which serves 12!

12 May 2009  |  1 min read

This is Angela's recipe under the very enticing (and somewhat healthy) title, and one which she says is a New Zealand adaption -- or is that "adaptation"? I've got into this discussion before! -- of a UK/US hybrid because it is based on a Delia Smith recipe for carrot cake. (Which is something I never got frankly. "Carrot" and "cake"? Hmmm.) Anyway, this makes... > Read more

Pacific Curls: Whakamahana (from the album Pacifi Celta, 2009)

Stir-fry noodles with chicken and macadamia nuts

11 Sep 2008  |  <1 min read

To be honest I can't remember quite where this one came from but the hand written and much stained recipe reminds me how often we have used it. Dead simple. Sort of meal-in-a-minute stuff. INGREDIENTS noodles (hokkien seem to work best) 250g chicken breasts skinned and sliced into strips a few onions a red capsicum roasted macadamia nuts sesame oil a lime sweet chilli... > Read more

Ayam Pongteh (Chicken and Potato Stew, Malaysian style)

16 Mar 2008  |  1 min read  |  2

In late 2007 I spent a couple of weeks travelling around Malaysia -- and notably went to Melaka, the food capital of the country where Baba Nyonya food is a local speciality. Baba Nyonya is the cuisine of the communities that emerged in the 15th century when migrant Chinese men married local Malay women. A feature of the food is the spicy quality using local herbs, calamansi (a local... > Read more

Oyster Pie: A "firm favourite" as summer wanes

31 Jan 2008  |  <1 min read

The Bluff oyster season usually opens in March in New Zealand so people might be looking for something more to do with those big, rich delights than just eating them raw or with a splash of balsamic. I can't remember where I got this recipe from, but it never fails -- well, it does if you dont get in quick. Someone else will wolf it down while you have gone off to get the serviettes.... > Read more

Hilary's pumpkin, feta and spinach salad (from Flip Grater)

23 Aug 2007  |  1 min read

Flip Grater is a Christchurch singer-songwriter who, in late 2006, took to the road to promote her album Cage For A Song. On the trip she picked up vegetarian recipes which she has now put into a book/tour diary. I'll let Flip tell you her story about this one . . . "About half an hour out of Raglan I spotted a man in an old-fashioned black suit walking with his thumb out. He was... > Read more

Sue and Horst's Famous Persimmon Cream Pie

11 Jul 2007  |  <1 min read

When you've got in-laws who have a large persimmon orchard you tend to learn all kinds of things that can be done with the underrated persimmon. My father-in-law Horst slices ripe ones and sprinkles with a little salt, chilli flakes and a squeeze of lime. Delicious. But so is his persimmon paste which goes great with cheeses. This is a great dessert that Sue conjures up in the kitchen.... > Read more