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2 May 2014  |  3 min read

In May 2013 we started recording our debut album ‘I Need Space. Now in May 2014 we get to release it to the public... finally. Let me start by saying this is one of the single hardest things we have done as a band; and ultimately the most rewarding. From writing and demoing 30 songs, to all five of us living in Brisbane in the one room for a month, to seeing it finished in... > Read more


GUEST WRITER OWEN WOOD on being unsafe at sea

28 Apr 2014  |  4 min read

For a business built on drama, this year's Oscars were singularly undramatic to the point of being tediously predictable. By a combination of timing, networking, collective guilt and America's love of self as much as some kind of redemptive conclusion, the winner for best picture was always going to be 12 Years a Slave. But, as with Lincoln the previous year, this was a film... > Read more

GUEST WRITER KEVIN BYRT recalls touring the strangely troubled Townes Van Zandt

21 Apr 2014  |  5 min read  |  2

I first met Townes Van Zandt at Auckland airport in 1988. He and guitarist Mickey White were waiting on the pavement, Townes sitting on his suitcase and Mickey standing next to him. Even in that position Townes was taller than Mickey. Townes was an artist we always wanted to tour but were reluctant based on his hell raising reputation and legendary stimulant abuse. However he had... > Read more

If I Needed You

GUEST SONGWRITERS TAMI NEILSON and DELANEY DAVIDSON on writing together for her new album Dynamite

21 Mar 2014  |  4 min read  |  1

Tami Neilson and Delaney Davidson have long been Elsewhere favourites in the broad church that is alt.country (and often not so alt). They have won shelves of awards for their songwriting and albums, and even more critical accolades. Neilson's new album Dynamite! -- released today -- sees her co-writing on a number of songs with Davidson (who also produced the album) so we couldn't... > Read more

Cry Over You

GUEST WRITER SARAH JANE ROWLAND gets all at sea with Hitchcock

24 Feb 2014  |  4 min read

With the remarkable story of survival at sea by the Salvadoran fisherman Jose Alvarenga – more than a year in an open boat across the Pacific – the new Robert Redford film All is Lost could not be more timely. In it Redford plays an unnamed lone sailor whose yacht collides with a shipping container and he is adrift and sinking. Critics are hailing it as one of Redford's... > Read more

GUEST ARTIST STEVEN ATHANAS from Toledo, Ohio shares his outsider work

27 Jan 2014  |  3 min read

Having spent four decades being a singer in various bar bands, I am reinventing myself yet again – in my sixth decade on the planet – as a visual artist. Though some have suggested that I focus on one medium, I find myself constantly seeking new ways to 'spress myself, and wond'rin' why I should limit myself to one way. I am inspired by my inner muse (whose name... > Read more

GUEST PHOTOGRAPHER JONATHAN GANLEY offers a view of Television up-close

Jonathan Ganley  |  28 Oct 2013  |  2 min read  |  1

On Thursday October 24th 2013, Auckland's Powerstation hosted one of the most anticipated concerts in a long time. Especially for those who were there during that first flicker of punk and New Wave. The bill was New York's Television, and Australian Ed Kuepper (formerly of the Saints) opening with an acoustic set. The jury may be out on how good Television actually were, although few... > Read more

GUEST PHOTOGRAPHER JONATHAN GANLEY explores the story behind an iconic image

Jonathan Ganley  |  21 Oct 2013  |  4 min read

Opening with a barrage of rapid-fire images of war, turmoil and protest, Chevolution is a documentary focusing on a single photograph. It examines how one image of a handsome revolutionary took on more significance and meaning than the photographer, or the subject, could have imagined. Alberto ‘Korda’ Díaz Gutiérrez was the Cuban photographer who shot many pictures of... > Read more

GUEST MUSICIAN SAM PREBBLE writes about his South Pole project

11 Oct 2013  |  6 min read

Imagine: you’re at a party, and you’re talking about whatever it is you like to talk about at parties – your children, probably, or how you don’t understand music or fashion or politics any more. . . And then some lanky unshaven lummox approaches your little circle and tells you that when Scott arrived at the South Pole 101 years ago, he already knew the race was... > Read more

GUEST WRITER DAVINIA CADDY on her new book How to Hear to Classical Music

16 Sep 2013  |  6 min read

If you’re familiar with other books in Awa Press’s Ginger Series, you’ll be familiar with the ‘How to’ running motif. How to Look at a Painting, How to Gaze at the Southern Stars, How to Drink a Glass of Wine. These aren’t dummies’ guides or beginners’ textbooks. They are curious hybrids, partly autobiographical and partly tongue-in-cheek... > Read more

Crypt II

GUEST WRITER PATRICK SMITH tells of surviving the shits in far flung parts

26 Aug 2013  |  1 min read  |  1

It’s not until you’ve lain miserably ill in some far-off outpost of underdevelopment that you really appreciate Western standards of healthcare and hygiene. Lying in a fleabag hotel room in Kabul, Afghanistan many years ago, gasping with pain at every breath, I could only think of home, clean sheets and a convenient bathroom. It didn’t help that the hotel manager... > Read more

GUEST MUSICIAN GRAHAM CLARK tells tales of Dr Feelgood and taking coals to Newcastle

15 Aug 2013  |  4 min read

In the late Seventies, like hordes of young Kiwis, I spent my OE in the UK. It was while waiting for a bus in the pouring rain, that I encountered a young punk walking along the street carrying a ghetto blaster on his shoulder that was pumping out a kind of music I had not heard before. I asked the young punk what it was, and he told me it was British rhythm and blues, and the band was... > Read more

This Ain't Rock'n'Roll

GUEST WRITER JOHN O'BRIEN finds a pop biography surprisingly worth reading

5 Aug 2013  |  4 min read

Pop quiz: Which famous face appeared the greatest number of times as cover star of UK teen pop bible ‘Smash Hits’ during the magazine’s most successful decade – the 1980’s? Was it Madonna?  George Michael?  Michael Jackson?  I'm afraid not. Hmm…Phil Collins then? No again – it was John Taylor. You remember, Duran... > Read more

Ordinary World

GUEST WRITER JEFFREY PAPAROA HOLMAN introduces his acclaimed memoir The Lost Pilot

Jeffrey Paparoa Holman  |  22 Jul 2013  |  4 min read

On a day in September 1972 in my mother’s house at 11 Franklin Street, Greymouth, my father shuffled across the room in his dressing gown and broke down in my arms. He had just been delivered his death sentence by Dr Kibblewhite, who had then left quietly and driven away. The cancer treatment was not working: Dad was told he had perhaps a couple of weeks and then he would... > Read more

GUEST TRAVELER JESSICA KITT follows her own piper

15 Jul 2013  |  4 min read

There is a bit of a chicken and egg conundrum when deciding which of my two loves came first: music or travel. I was brought up in a musical family, so music has always been an unquestionable part of my life. I was first taken abroad when I was two years old and ever since then I have had a fascination with other cultures and an insatiable appetite to learn more about those who are... > Read more

GUEST WRITER OWEN WOOD looks at a doco about words and pictures

15 Jul 2013  |  3 min read

Many years ago while working in London I met a bloke who was, like me I suppose, one of those identikit “something in the The City” types. We all wore the same suits, laughed at the same jokes and were thrusting, ambitious and obnoxiously over-confident. Many of us didn't like our pals much but knew that any one of us could “be something” so we needed to keep... > Read more

GUEST ARTIST HANNA ISAAC opens her personal sketchbook

8 Jul 2013  |  2 min read

[Editor's note: When Elsewhere reviewed the album Fight from the Inside by Into the East (here), we noted the delicate cover art and that lead to this invitation to the artist Hanna Isaac to tell us something of her background and show us more of her work. Here are some samples from her sketchbooks. If you are interested in contacting her -- she currently lives at Snells Beach -- then... > Read more

Black Hills Dakota

GUEST VINYLIST ERIC CROSS shares his passion for surface noise, but preferably the lack of it

1 Jul 2013  |  3 min read  |  1

It is disturbing to see so many websites dedicated to what can be done with old records. An Adam Ant fruit bowl anyone? It is not hard to imagine how many musical gems have been lost forever. But not all is lost as there has been a strong resurgence worldwide in the production and sales of vinyl records. Second hand record shops are more popular than ever. (See chart below)... > Read more

GUEST ILLUSTRATOR ROSS MURRAY shares 10 of his favourite illustrated record covers

7 Jun 2013  |  5 min read

THE DEAD C: Tusk  Not to be confused with the album of the same name by Fleetwood Mac, this record by the Dead C has a cover almost as dark & enigmatic as the music inside. The strange drawing of beast and man entwined has an abstract savagery to it which nicely complements the squall of noise contained within. In fact the squealing feedback throughout penultimate... > Read more

GUEST WRITER AND PHOTOGRAPHER JONATHAN GANLEY speaks with documentarian photographer Gil Hanly

Jonathan Ganley  |  29 May 2013  |  5 min read

Photographer Gil Hanly neatly sums up the motivation behind her work. “I’m a documenter, not an art photographer. I photograph the things I’m involved in”. Gil has applied this approach to her photography for over 40 years, and examples of both her recent and her archival work can be seen in two exhibitions in the 2013 Auckland Festival of Photography. There... > Read more